The optical boutique at Family Eye Health
Associates has something for every style and

Our Other Designer Frames Include:

Anne Klein
Joseph Aboud
Perry Ellis
Elizabeth Arden
New Balance
Jill Stuart
Oliver and Mac
Cayla & Co.
Planet i
Veronica Taylor
Steve Madden
Lauren Hutton
Catherine Deneuve
Italia Mia
Eyeglasses for Every Member of the Family...
We feature the Varilux Physio™ as our standard progressive lens for our patients who need
glasses for both distance and near.  Varilux Physio lenses utilize technology that gives you the
clearest, sharpest vision you have ever experienced with no-line bifocals.

We also repair and adjust glasses.  From replacing a lost screw to straightening bent frames, we
can take care of appointment necessary!
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Contact Lenses

At Family Eye Health Associates we fit
themost modern contact lens designs and

Despite what you may have heard, just
about anyone can wear contact lenses.  
Whether your prescription is low or high,
whether you're nearsighted or farsighted,
even if you have astigmatism, there is a
contact lens for you.

What if you wear bifocal or no-line bifocal
glasses...can you still wear contacts?


There are many options available today for
people who need contacts for both distance
and reading.  

Whether you want to wear lenses
occasionally or everyday, there's a lens for
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All of our premium eyewear comes standard with
anti-glare technology.  We offer custom lens
designs such as Transitions, tints, polarized
sunglasses, and scratch resistant coatings.